#32 – Operation: Cut Off Its Head, Part I

032 CoverWar is here! ΩFORCE is armed with the Hydra Manifesto, a complete directory on Hydra’s global operations and personnel. Already, blows have been struck to Hydra in San Francisco and Jakarta. Horst Eisele has been captured. Hydra cells are on the run. Spider-Woman, a double agent for SHIELD and Hydra, is done being pulled in two directions. And with the help of her team, she plans to be free once and for all. But to truly destroy Hydra, it will take more than ΩFORCE. It will take a concerted effort from all of earth’s defenders.

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#31 – The Terror of El Tiburón

031 CoverHydra is expecting the Kree to return with the Revelation Crystal and have formed an alliance with Latverian’s Prime Minister, Lucia von Bardas, who has been developing armor technology to back up Hydra’s planned coup of the planet. Spider-Woman, armed with the knowledge contained in the Hydra Manifesto, is ready to a launch an assault on the terrorist organization. In the meantime, K’os is having health problems, the team had separated from Chatting Marks, and the threat of the Dire Wraith still looms.

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#30 – Benefactor

030 CoverIn the faraway Andromeda Galaxy, ΩFORCE fought their way through Shi’ar, Kree and Dire Wraith forces to destroy the Revelation Crystal. In doing so, they exposed the Kree’s unjust culling of Skrulls for hundreds of years and reintroduced the universal threat of the Dire Wraith. Now, the team returns to Earth. Hydra is expecting the Kree Hydra’s planned coup of the planet. ΩFORCE has other plans.

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#28 – Wrath of the Wraiths, Part I

028 CoverDr. Sound, Enigma and the Guardians of the Galaxy succeeded in their mission to acquire a rare fragment of askiatite from a planet in the Dark Nebula. But doing so has raised the ire of the villainous Dire Wraith who will stop at nothing to keep ΩFORCE from exposing the evil of the Revelation Crystal. Now, the Guardians and the two Forcers race back to Chandilar to save their allies and bring the Kree/Wraith scheme to ruin.

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#27 – Battle in the Dark Nebula!


Having been defeated by Korath, the majority of ΩFORCE is imprisoned on Chandilar. They are awaiting trial to determine their fate. Stronghold holds no rights in the Galactic Imperium. He is held separately, being tortured by his Skrull-hating, Kree captors and the knowledge that his team mate, Dr. Sound, is dead. Enigma, however, has escaped prison. She may be ΩFORCE’s only hope…

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#26 – Judgement of the Shi’ar

026-coverΩFORCE has been defeated and incarcerated by Korath the Pursuer. The Revelation Crystal remains in the possession of the Kree. Now, they rush back to the Shi’ar throneworld of Chandilar. There the Kree will meet with the Galactic Council and receive official sanction to rid Earth of the Skrull threat and institute Hydra as governors under Kree oversight. Is this the end of ΩFORCE?

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